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Private Client Service with Beyond Insurance

Private Client Service with Beyond Insurance

PRIVATE CLIENT SERVICE with Beyond Insurance

What does Private Client Service with Beyond Insurance mean for you? We help ambitious people and companies accomplish growth by protecting their business and its assets with a gap-free wealth protection plan.

We help our clients protect their wealth in a way that aligns with their goals, values and unique achievements. As a result, they’re free to live purposeful, passionate lives and take pride in what they’ve achieved.


As a growth focused and ambitious person, you may run a successful business or many successful businesses, pursue passion projects, have extensive industry connections, and be actively engaged in strengthening your community. As a result, your insurance needs are also complex. Beyond Insurance will help you align your wealth protection strategies with your goals, values, interests, and unique achievements, so you can live a purposeful, passionate life, knowing your assets are protected.

Highly ambitious people and businesses have complex insurance needs. We conduct an in-depth assessment of their unique needs and help them develop a gap-free wealth protection plan that frees them to live purposeful, passionate lives and leave behind an impactful legacy.


What can you expect from Beyond?

  1. Custom tailored insurance coverage for your unique risk portfolio
  2. Clear, open communication and education around your insurance, your deductibles, and your coverage
  3. A full audit of your current risk exposures, followed by our expert recommendations on optimizing coverage, discounts, and products
  4. Elevated claims service and advocacy
  5. Dedicated team specializing in our VIP products
  6. Beyond Insurance is here to help. We offer our expertise for all of your insurance needs. We walk you through what you need or what to ask for and we always have your best interest in mind. Let’s build a relationship and take away any worry or anxiety when it comes to your insurance coverage.
  7. As your assets grow, we walk beside you to make sure your coverage stays up to date. We collaborate with you to find new opportunities and products that best match your needs

Specialized coverage for:

  • Jewelry
  • Bicycles
  • Art
  • Wine collections
  • Valuable articles
  • Pleasure crafts
  • Collector cars
  • High value, custom homes
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Cyber protection
  • Personal Legal expenses
  • Kidnapping insurance
  • Personal Umbrella insurance

Our insurance brokerage specializes in niche Private Client Services and offers personal insurance solutions for your high-value property and exposures. Working with our dedicated specialty markets, such as Chubb, Intact Prestige and Aviva Ovation, we craft the perfect portfolio for your personal risk management. These elite products offer the coverage and level of customization required for individuals like you. Some of the advanced coverages you can look forward to include dedicated claims support, custom home evaluation and inspections, risk consultation, agreed value replacement cost coverage or cash settlement.
We also know that Excess Liability insurance is an often-overlooked factor in managing your individual risk exposures; so we customize Umbrella Liability policies to offer up to $50 million in additional liability coverage when your existing liability limits aren’t enough to cover an unexpected accident or lawsuit.
We also understand that as our world gets more accessible, the need increases to tailor coverage to include personal cyber, identity theft, worldwide coverage, and even crisis insurance for kidnap or ransom situations.
We also regularly consult other professionals for legal and accounting advice to ensure your personal insurance program provides you adequate protection while keeping in mind tax and legal exposures.
This is the Excel Beyond broker service you can expect and appreciate as we help you protect what you’ve worked so hard for. The more you have to lose, the less time you have to manage it. When you have family, multiple homes, fine valuables, and a reputation to protect, insurance gets complicated. We partner with companies such as Aviva and Chubb to make it simple by giving you coverage and a full range of coverage options.


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