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Beyond’s global Mining & Energy team has the skills and experience to support your growth from exploration to production and beyond.


Canadian companies involved in the mining and mineral processing industry require effective risk identification and management, along with world-class engineering as a basis for their Insurance programs in order to protect their assets from the various financial threats, risks and exposures that they face, as well as to minimize their total cost of risk.

Protection for the personal assets of directors and officers, property asset protection, environmental liability and reclamation issues, admitted paper requirements in foreign lands, as well as employers’ liability and political risk protection are just some of the risks that the mining and mineral processing industry has to deal with.

Beyond provides you with an outsourced risk management service, ensuring that your risk management and insurance program addresses every aspect of operations from initial exploration through construction and operation of a mining facility.

We truly believe in establishing partnerships with our clients. Our industry specialists will create programs tailored to meet the challenges that you encounter in the mineral and mineral processing industry.


Global risk is increasing and becoming ever more complex, particularly within the energy sector. From upstream to downstream operations, the industry faces increased risk from a long list of sources including more remote exploration, deeper wells and water, greater civil liability, regulatory and political risks. These risks are amplified as companies face higher capital expenditures to complete new projects while dealing with the volatility in the commodity and financial markets.

Recent losses in the sector have highlighted the need for effective insurance and risk management programs. The last thing that an organization needs in the middle of a crisis is to find out that the insurance they were relying upon is anything other than completely effective.

Beyond’s has the expertise to develop insurance and risk management programs to help you understand, quantify, and mitigate your risk.

Areas of Expertise

Our exclusive focus on the energy industry enables us to have dedicated professionals that look after clients in a variety of energy sectors including:

  • Upstream (exploration/production)
  • Major integrated and national oil and gas companies
  • Midstream (pipelines/terminals/liquefied natural gas)
  • Contractors (drilling/service)
  • Downstream (refining/petrochemical)
  • Mining

Key Contacts

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