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Whether you manufacture goods, process food and drinks or wholesale products like electronics or clothing, enjoy peace of mind knowing you have insurance coverage that lets you focus on your business.

Food & Beverage Wholesalers & Processors

Beyond has developed a comprehensive insurance program that provides the ultimate protection for food and beverage wholesalers and processors.

Food wholesalers have specific needs and require protection against:
• recall expenses incurred when a product is perceived or known to be unfit for consumption,
• re-labeling costs to meet changes in legislation,
• loss of stock as a result of a shipping delay caused by an insured peril which renders the stock unsellable, and
• costs to defend against legal allegations brought outside of Canada and the USA, in relation to the product.

Food processors have specific needs and require protection against:
• contamination of a food product, making it unsafe to eat,
• business losses sustained from the interruption of work on research, development and administrative activities, following a property loss, and
• recall expenses incurred when a product is perceived or known to be unfit for consumption.

Both food wholesalers and processors share common industry needs that our program provides protection against.  Coverages include:
• perishable food spoilage due to heating or cooling systems failure,
• loss of income because your key customer is unable to purchase normal product quantities due to their property loss,
• loss of income because your key supplier has incurred a property loss and is unable to supply a unique product or ingredient,
• loss of income caused by the inability to use a vehicle or its refrigeration/heating equipment following an automobile accident, and
• temporary shutdown of your business due to rodent, insect or other vermin infestation.

Additionally, negative publicity about a disease or poisoning (even to a competitor’s product), can result in lost sales and reduced income. An Beyond Food and Beverage policy can cover this.

Breweries & Distilieries

Electronics Suppliers

Based on industry data, there are over 5,000 wholesale electronics establishments with full-time employees in Canada. These establishments are spread out across the country, with the majority based in Ontario (38 per cent), Quebec (24 per cent), British Columbia (16 per cent) and Alberta (10 per cent). (Canadian industry statistics wholesale electronics market, Canadian Business Patterns Database, December 2011)

Beyond and our insurer partners have extensive experience in the electronics supply sector.  The Beyond Electronics Supply program is designed to address the insurance challenges your electronics wholesaler customers face, while still providing flexibility to allow you to customize coverage appropriate for their individual operations. Wholesalers in the electronics supply industry deliver electronic merchandise and electrical components through retailers, business to business merchants, Internet sales, trade contractors and other wholesalers in many industries. These wholesalers may also offer additional value-add services to their customers, including installation and/or setup of electronics equipment at their customers’ premises or service and repair.

Who qualifies for the Beyond Electronics Supply Program?
Ideal clients are primarily engaged in the wholesale supply of electronics and electrical components, such as:
• custom auto parts (e.g. stereos, speakers, GPS),
• electrical apparatus and hardware (e.g. surge protectors, cable, headsets, amplifiers),
• heating, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment (e.g. air cleaners, humidifiers),
• large mainframe computers and servers,
• personal computers, tablets, cell phones, etc.,
• office machines (e.g. copiers, fax machines, printers, cash registers),
• machinery (other than industrial) including binding
machines, shredders, time clocks (wholesaler or manufacturer’s agent), and
• household electrical appliances with or without direct sales to consumers, and home entertainment.

What sets Beyond Electronics Supply apart?
All Beyond products provide extensions above the standard Property, Liability, Crime, Inland Marine and Business Interruption Coverage available from most markets.  Beyond Electronics Supply goes further, providing extensions important to your electronic/electrical wholesale clients and making other coverage options available to deliver a complete insurance solution for our clients.

Custom coverage includes:
• property sold under deferred payment plan,
• replacement cost on stock under one year old,
• expediting expenses,
• installation floater (blanket, all risk),
• all risk transportation insurance (owners, truckmen, trip transit, broad form, with no deductible) and,
• product recall.

Metal Products

There are over 50,000 establishments of all sizes across Canada that produce a wide variety of metal products. Of these establishments, 300 have more than 500 employees. Ontario has the highest percentage of establishments with 39.6 per cent, followed by Quebec with 26.4 per cent, British Columbia with 14.3 per cent and Alberta with 9.7 per cent. (Statistics Canada, Canadian Business Patterns Database, December 2011)

Along with our insurance company partners, Beyond has extensive experience providing broad coverage for metal products manufacturers. Our Beyond Metal Products program provides coverage specifically designed for operations in this sector, with extensions that can be tailored to meet their needs.

Who qualifies for Beyond METAL PRODUCTS ?

Ideal operations specialize in specific areas of manufacturing such as:
• light metal products, using stamping, fabrication, pressure die casting using aluminium or zinc,
• tool and die, mould,
• machine shops,
• metal products,
• non-critical auto parts,
• automobile body parts,
• refrigeration and HVAC equipment for commercial and residential uses, and
• electrical appliances, small and large.

What sets Beyond Metal Products Coverage apart?

Beyond Metal Products offers coverage enhancements, including:
• Product Recall Extension,
• Replacement Cost for Moulds, Dies, Patterns and Forms,
• Failure to Manufacture to Specifications Endorsement,
• Employee Benefits Errors and Omissions,
• Broad Form Products Extension,
• Broad Form Completed Operations Extension, and
• Warehouseman’s Legal Liability.

Wood Products

From building component manufacturing, cabinet and case goods businesses, and furniture manufacturing to planning mills, wood treatment/drying operations and retail/wholesale building material dealers, our clients in the lumber and hardwood industry cover the gamut, and each face unique challenges within the industry itself.

Our Wood Products Insurance Program has been designed exclusively for businesses engaged in the manufacturing, wholesaling and distribution of wood products intended for residential and commercial use.

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