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One Year Anniversary

One Year Anniversary

Today is our one year anniversary!

We are so happy to be celebrating our one year anniversary and we are just so thankful to be sitting here today reflecting on year one. As we sit and reflect, we’re feeling very nostalgic and so incredibly grateful to the amazing clients, local businesses and families who have chosen to support us in our first year. You have made our risk worth it! It has been a year of incredible growth and we are honored to insure friends, family, old and new acquaintances, and lots of amazing businesses. How cool is it that we now get to do business with the local businesses we would frequent as customers.

We are proud to always strive to be better, so thank you for supporting us through our year one growth and growing pains. Your support of our business has a direct impact on our family, so we are posting this photo to show you who you are impacting with your choice to do business with us. Your support of our business has allowed us to support our family and it is now opening up opportunity for us to hire staff and support them in building a life in our community.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We have big plans for our company and we are so grateful to have client like you supporting us on this journey.

– Matt & Andy Cassidy


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