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Insurance for Craft Breweries

Insurance for Craft Breweries

Insurance for raft Breweries

Let’s talk craft breweries…and insurance!

The industry has seen huge growth over the last few years in our province and as craft beer enthusiasts, we’ve been delighted to visit many of Alberta’s excellent craft breweries. Red Deer itself has some amazing local craft breweries including Troubled MonkBelly HopRed Hart, and Sawback.

As a craft brewer, you are a passionate artisan, bringing to market many unique and locally sourced beverages. Yet, your core business is similar to a commercial manufacturer! What insurance coverage do you need? What exposures are common and specific to your industry? We have the answers;

You want to ensure your policy covers you for liability – including Host Liquor, Completed Products, and Premises Liability. Premises {or Occupiers} liability is especially important if you do brewery tours in your facility or host live events. 

You also want to ensure you’re covered for equipment failure, spoilage, contamination, recall, and contingent supply chain. 

Every brewery is unique and as your broker partner, we examine each area of risk exposure with you to ensure you have the proper coverage & access to risk management tools for your size, operation, and location. 

We want to be on your team of professionals – we are local and we support local through and through. We are your best Red Deer insurance broker and your best choice for brewery insurance. We are young, and like you, we are entrepreneurial. We are here to stay and we are passionate about investing in the community and being apart of making Red Deer a beautiful place to live.

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