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Flood prevention resources

Flood prevention resources

Flood prevention resources

We have compiled some flood prevention resources from Intact Insurance.

Canadians as a whole, are coping with the impacts and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. With warmer temperatures in the forecast, it’s important to keep another challenge in mind – spring floods. Melted snow and extreme weather events, such as torrential rain, are among the main causes of spring flooding. For many of us, having our home or business flood in the current environment would be an additional financial and emotional burden.

We are sharing an excellent resources from Intact Insurance to help you with Spring thaw and flood prevention at your home. Take their virtual home check-up and receive a customized assessment of your home. This assessment provides you with site-specific guidance to help achieve practical, cost-effective means to reduce your household flood risk: Home Flood Protection Check Up.

At a time where there are so many unknowns, there are some easy ways you can take control of protecting your own home. Here are some helpful resources developed by the Intact Centre:

Steps to Cost-Effective Basement Flooding Protection: This guide provides a summary of actions that residents can take to reduce the threat of a basement flood. While some actions require a specialist, many items can be completed by the homeowner.

Seasonal Flood Protection Maintenance Checklist: This checklist offers steps a customer can complete both inside and outside the home that can help minimize their flood risk and the cost of cleaning up after a flood.

Enhanced protection for water damage
As a reminder, Intact offers an Enhanced Water Damage Package (EWDP). Depending on your risk type, you may be eligible to up to four components of coverage: Sewer Back-up, Water & Sewer Lines, Overland Water, and Ground Water (optional). For more information, connect with us at Beyond Insurance, your Red Deer Insurance Broker. We are always happy to review existing coverage with you and offer our expert risk assessment.


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