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Top five ways to protect your online identity

Top five ways to protect your online identity

Top five ways to protect your online identity

Here are the top five ways to protect yourself things when online shopping.

Planning on getting cozy and doing some online Black Friday shopping? Our friends at SGI Canada have some excellent tips to protect your identity while snagging those deals. Always read online reviews of the company you’re considering ordering from and try to minimize the number of credit cards you use online. Pick just one to use that has a low limit. Don’t buy items over public wifi and always avoid clicking on suspicious links.

Here are five things to look for when shopping online. Never shop from sites that:

  • feature deals that are expiring quickly, with a timer actively counting down the minutes, hours and days
  • are badly written, with lots of spelling mistakes and sentences that don’t make sense
  • use an internet address (urls) that starts with “http” – secure sites use “https”
  • don’t have street addresses and/or phone numbers supplied in their Contact Us sections
  • don’t have a Contact Us section at all

As your insurance broker, we offer Cyber liability coverage for your personal and business needs. We’re always happy to discuss any questions you might have on protecting your online identity and cyber coverage.


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