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FAQ: I’ve never had a claim

FAQ: I’ve never had a claim

FAQ: I’ve never had a claim

FAQ: I’ve never had a claim, how does this work? 

Claims can be stressful, and we understand it can be a confusing time if you’ve never gone through the process of having a claim. Claims are notoriously a huge pain point for insurance clients, and we’ve identified that our industry standard for assisting clients with claims is quite embarrassing. At Beyond Insurance, we have carefully crafted a full-service claims experience process. Our team is highly skilled and trained on how to walk you through the claims process. With your dedicated broker, you can expect our boutique level service from start to finish. Here’s a quick look at what the basic claims process can look like.

Notifying your insurance broker, and subsequently the insurance company is the first step. From there, and adjuster will be handling the claim to ensure the cause of loss fall within the policy coverage, and will be coordinating the emergency, and subsequent repairs with you, the client.

Your deductible is generally collected directly by the contractors who assist you, and you may be given opportunities to cash settle certain components of the claim, if that is your preference. 

We always recommend discussing a claims submission with your broker first. We can provide advice and expertise on your policy and guide you through what to expect.


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