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Discounts & Deductibles

Discounts & Deductibles

Discounts and Deductibles: What you want to know

With 2018 upon us, now is a great time to review your family insurance portfolio to ensure you are receiving the best insurance for your premium dollars. We asked what topic of insurance would be of additional interest in our Central Alberta Community, and you answered! Discounts and Deductibles play a big part on how much you pay for your insurance. Are you getting all of the eligible discounts on your home and auto insurance? What kind of deductible options are available and why do they matter? As you know, we broker for top rated Canadian insurance companies. We quote your policies with all of them to be sure to present you the best package and price for your insurance portfolio needs. We take pride in staying up to date with the latest trends in coverage & endorsements, to ensure your insurance policy provides value for your hard earned premium dollars.

Deductibles: Most understand that the higher the deductible, the lower the premium. However, as insurers adapt to our changing weather, there can be advantages in reviewing your specific deductible needs & assessing whether you’re able to make specific changes to meet your needs with respect to Wind, Hail, Sewer Back Up, and Overland Water risk. If you have invested in reducing the chance & severity of a claim, perhaps you can take advantage of a higher deductible for premium savings, without blanketing your entire policy with a higher deductible.

Discounts: Again, we are now seeing insurance companies adapt to clients making proactive choices when it comes to claims. Beyond simply the standard discounts for Alarm Systems, Claims Free History, and Multi-Policy, we are now seeing additional incentives for weather resistant exterior & shingles, installing sewer backup prevention like sump pumps, cold weather monitoring, among others. For vehicles, installing aftermarket products like GPS tracking with vehicle shutdown, animal collision bars, and other devices can now generate additional discounts with some companies. You may have invested to protect your property, and insurers are now responding to offer a more customized product.

If you have more questions on discounts and deductibles, or anything else regarding your home, auto, farm or commercial insurance, we are here to chat! You can find us online almost any hour or the day via FacebookTwitter, or Instagram. You can also contact us through our website at Beyond Insurance


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