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Auto Rate Increases

Auto Rate Increases

Auto Rate increases

There has been lots of chatter about auto rate increases in Alberta. In a tough insurance market, we are proactive, prepared, and capable to offer competitive insurance solutions for your family and business. As the provincial rate freeze for automobile insurance increases has expired, we will certainly be seeing increases across the board in the next year on insurance premiums.
If you are a current Beyond client, you have already been benefiting from our proactive approach to insurance renewals. Each renewal is personally reviewed and we take great care in making sure your coverages and policy information is up to date and that your rates are competitive. We actively go to market for you when a policy has a large increase on renewal, and share the market results of numerous insurers. As we navigate the changing insurance marketplace together, you can rest assured our team is working diligently to provide the service you deserve for your insurance needs.
Our posted image is a great infographic from IBAA – Insurance Brokers Association of Alberta on what’s behind the premium increases.


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