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Our Best Insurance Tips for Jewellery Care

Our Best Insurance Tips for Jewellery Care

As your Red Deer insurance broker, we are sharing our Best Insurance Tips for Jewellery Care. We help you protect your wealth in a way that aligns with your goals, values and unique achievements.

Below are our best tips for jewellery care.

Like any significant investment, you must make an effort to care for the gems and jewels in your collection. They will require cleaning and care on a regular basis to ensure that they sparkle and shine long after you pass them on to your children and grandchildren.

Jewellery Care

To ensure that your jewellery has a long and sparkling life, consider these care recommendations:

· Always store your jewellery in a jewellery box or trunk when it is not being worn. This will protect it from dust and other particles that will diminish its appearance. When storing jewellery, also remember to refrain from stacking items on top of one another. This is because pieces with stones may scratch other soft metal items if they are touching.

· Most jewellery can be cleaned simply with water or with mild dish soap. After cleaning, dry your pieces with a lint-free cloth.

· Do not expose your jewellery to extremely hot temperatures, dry conditions or sudden changes in temperature, as many stones (emeralds, opals and pearls, for example) are negatively affected by these conditions.

· Do not wear jewellery while exercising or playing sports, as it can break on impact.


· To maintain a diamond’s brilliance, soak it regularly in a solution of half ammonia and half cold water for 30 minutes. Then dry it with a lint-free cloth. Or, place a diamond in a glass of plain vodka to restore its sparkle.

· Make sure diamond rings are inspected semi-annually to ensure that stone settings are in place.


· Many durable metals (like tungsten) require minimal care, yet others (like platinum) are more susceptible to scratching. Get a platinum band buffed every six months to remove scratches.

· Remove excess dirt buildup on metals with a jewellery cleaner or mild soap and water.

· To help silver retain its shine, polish it regularly with store-bought silver polish.


· Remove gold jewellery before showering or using household cleaners, as soap film builds easily on gold surfaces.

· To clean gold, place it in a solution of a few drops of ammonia, mild detergent and warm water.

· To remove body oil and grease from gold jewellery, use rubbing alcohol.

Coloured stone care:

Avoid exposing emeralds to hot water or soap water for a long period of time.

· Do not engage in vigorous activity while wearing tanzanite, as it is very brittle.

· Clean opals with baby oil or olive oil to prevent them from drying out.

Beyond Insurance is here to help.

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Looking for more jewellery care tips? Our friends at Mitchell & Jewell have a wealth of knowledge!


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