Why the Speed Limit Change Matters

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Why the Speed Limit Change Matters

Speed limits are set to achieve a uniform speed for all motorists and here’s why the speed limit change matters. Limits within the city are set & maintained by the City’s Engineering department and enforced by the RCMP. Playground and School Zone limits just got easier to remember! Effective August 1 2017, the City of Red Deer has made changes to School Zones, Playground Zones and Combo Zones.

Starting August 1st:

  • All school zones in Red Deer will be a 30km/hr speed limit from 8am-4:30pm on school days.
  • All playground zones in Red Deer will be a 30km/hr speed limit from 8am – 9pm everyday.
  • All combo zones (both school and playground) will now be treated as playground zones.

As your insurance broker, why do we care about speed limit changes? It’s our job to help you manage your risk and, unfortunately, speeding tickets can affect your auto insurance rates. We’re not just about selling you the insurance, we’re about equipping you with the information to be educated and successful in your risk management. As your insurance broker, we work with you to help keep your premiums down.

Check out the City of Red Deer’s website for more information on the speed limit changes. We’re also available anytime to chat on social media, and our office is located downtown Red Deer north of Original Joe’s.

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