FAQ: I’ve never had a claim

FAQ: I’ve never had a claim, how does this work? 

Claims can be stressful, and we understand it can be a confusing time if you’ve never gone through the process of having a claim. Claims are notoriously a huge pain point for insurance clients, and we’ve identified that our industry standard for assisting clients with claims is quite embarrassing. At Beyond Insurance, we have carefully crafted a full-service claims experience process. Our team is highly skilled and trained on how to walk you through the claims process. With your dedicated broker, you can expect our boutique level service from start to finish. Here’s a quick look at what the basic claims process can look like.

Notifying your insurance broker, and subsequently the insurance company is the first step. From there, and adjuster will be handling the claim to ensure the cause of loss fall within the policy coverage, and will be coordinating the emergency, and subsequent repairs with you, the client.

Your deductible is generally collected directly by the contractors who assist you, and you may be given opportunities to cash settle certain components of the claim, if that is your preference. 

We always recommend discussing a claims submission with your broker first. We can provide advice and expertise on your policy and guide you through what to expect.


Beyond Insurance Company Values

Living our values is the first step to ensure our company grows in the intended direction. These values form the basis of our decision-making criteria as owners, partners, employees, industry leaders, and community members.


We engage in all interactions from a place of respect. We respect our clients for the opportunity to do business. We respect our carriers for their trust in our firm, and we respect our individual team members for their commitment. Our success is built upon the value of respect, and in challenging moments we can rely on this value to be a guiding principle in our decision making.

Continuous Improvement

We hold ourselves accountable and encourage each other to pursue improvement. We engage in practices that encourage staff development, measurable processes and OKRs, and are continually looking for ways in which to be more efficient for our clients, staff, and insurance partners.


We value the ability to give back to our community, and as such generosity is a core value of our business. When we explore internal or external opportunities and make decisions as a company, we take into consideration the impact on staff and consider their individual career opportunities. The effect our decisions have on our connections, and the balance required by our business to take advantage of an opportunity, or to achieve a goal.


Our company understands the pressure of providing a high level of service, and the consistency required to remain successful. The balancing of individual and corporate goals, requires a high level of commitment from our staff, partners, and leadership team; and as such wellness is a core value of our business. We provide opportunity and encourage our team to engage in activities that support their families, mental and physical health, and treat individuals with empathy in these pursuits.


We pursue meaningful connection throughout the course of our work. It is important for us to continuously connect with our community, our clients, insurance partners, and each other. We foster an environment where connection provides opportunities for learning, spontaneity, and fun. We use our connections to bring positivity to the forefront and build excitement.

Beyond Insurance Mission and Vision

As a fast growing brokerage in Central Alberta, we are committed to continuous improvement. Within this, we have established our company’s guiding principles. The Beyond Insurance Mission and Vision.

Our Mission

What our pursuit of excellence looks like.

  • We will provide exceptional service to our clients
  • We will provide equity and growth opportunities to our staff
  • We will generously support the communities in which we work

Our Vision

What drives us

  • Beyond Insurance is to be Western Canada’s premier, independently owned, boutique insurance brokerage


“The riskiest thing we can do, is just maintain the status quo.” – Bob Iger


Outpacing the Competition

Beyond Insurance named Global Best in 2022 Fast Brokerages by Insurance Business Canada

Beyond Insurance continues to outpace the competition and provide exceptional client service while growing above and beyond the industry standard. Our brokerage is recognized in the industry as a GLOBAL BEST in growth in 2022.

“At the end of the day, the insurance business is all about growth – increasing the revenue of companies and, ultimately, enhancing their resources to better meet the needs of their clients and employees.” – Insurance Business Canada

“Despite two years of challenges, the Fast Brokerages on Insurance Business Canada’s list maintained great momentum, achieving an average revenue growth of 20% or more in 2020 and 2021. Their noteworthy achievements present an even more bullish outlook for the near future. ”

We attribute this impressive growth to our amazing team and staff that continue to deliver exceptional service to our clients. At Beyond Insurance, we hold ourselves accountable and encourage each other to pursue improvement. We engage in practices that encourage staff development, measurable processes and OKRs, and are continually looking for ways in which to be more efficient for our clients, staff, and insurance partners.

fastest growing brokerage

Aviation Insurance

What you can expect from Beyond Insurance.

You care about risk management and protecting your assets before taking to the skies. You’re looking for a broker who has a genuine interest in your unique aviation insurance needs.


We provide you with peace of mind through our robust solutions related to aircraft coverage:

  • Hull physical damage
  • Third party liability
  • Passenger & crew medical
  • Non-owned cargo & contents
  • Hanger & adjacent land exposures
  • Trip interruption
  • Emergency expenses & loss of use
  • Spare parts

We collaborate with experienced underwriters who can assist beyond core coverages and take into consideration additional factors such as pilot experience and training programs.
We build a relationship with you and provide a holistic approach to your risk management – and including aircraft liability is an important part of what makes us a preferred partner.

Protection with Purpose. We offer insurance for ambitious businesses and people with complex insurance needs.

Insurance for Chamber of Commerce Members


We are proud to partner with the Red Deer Chamber of Commerce and offer Small Business Insurance solutions.
We have industry-specific insurance solutions for all types of businesses.
A few examples include Accountants, Beauty Services, Yoga Instructors, Contractors, Consultants, Mobile vendors, Pet Grooming, CGL, and more!
We care that your assets are covered because no one wants to start over if something unexpected happens.
Beyond Insurance is here to help. We offer our expertise for all of your insurance needs. We walk you through what you need or what to ask for and we always have your best interest in mind. Let’s build a relationship and take away any worry or anxiety when it comes to your insurance coverage.
What can you expect from Beyond?
*Cost savings through portfolio management
*Clear, open communication and education around your insurance, your deductibles, and your coverage
*A full audit of your current risk exposures, followed by our expert recommendations on optimizing coverage, discounts, and products
Visit our Small Business Insurance portal for more information:

Small Business Insurance Solutions

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, you care about your employees, your business, and growing your business.
Beyond Insurance asks the right questions, understands your needs, and doesn’t make mistakes. When it comes to your insurance needs, it’s important that you are able to trust your provider and we offer the assurance that your assets are fully covered. We don’t just send you a bill every year; we are your partner in your insurance and risk management.
Find out more on our Small Business Insurance portal: https://beyondinsurance.ca/small-business-insurance/

Beyond Insurance Moves to Capstone

Not only are we celebrating our 5 year anniversary the whole month of March, we will be moving into our new office space! We can’t wait to be apart of the beautiful community of Capstone.
Our new address will be #205 5589 47th St. You can find us on the riverfront beside our wonderful neighbours DOSE Coffee Co., Wheelers Bike Repair , Pure Earth, and Ciao Bella.
We are so close to moving in to our new space in Capstone. Have you been down to the beautiful riverfront community yet? So many great amenities, trails, and businesses. We are very excited to join this growing community.
Our office will remain appointment only, so be sure to find your broker on our website and book a time to come in and see them and our new space.

Local Insurance Brokerage Wins National Recognition

The Insurance Business Canada Awards has named Red Deer’s Beyond Insurance as the Travelers Canada Award for Brokerage of the Year for fewer than 10 staff. Local Insurance Brokerage Wins National Recognition. 

The national award recognizes the brokerage that has displayed excellence over the past 12-18 months in the areas of client retention, customer service proposition, staff development and retention, business value proposition and strategy, and financial results including business growth.  

Co-Owners Matt and Andy Cassidy were ecstatic to  receive the award at a virtual ceremony held November 18, 2021.

“We are humbled and honoured by the recognition and we credit our growing business success to our focus on customer service, business innovation, and staff development,” said managing partner, Andy Cassidy.  “We love serving the people of central Alberta and take pride in ensuring their portfolio of insurance products is property suited to meet their needs and protect their assets.”

Beyond Insurance was one of eight nominees from across the country announced in September 2021.  Eligibility consisted of having less than 1o staff including all support staff and brokers writing business and being independently branded and headquartered in Canada. 

Presented by Insurance Business, the awards are the leading independent awards event for the insurance profession in Canada. Winners in all categories were selected by an independent judging panel of industry experts and announced at virtual awards shows November 17-18, 2021. The virtual show also featured a live panel discussion with the finalists. 

Founded in 2017 by locals Matt and Andy Cassidy, Beyond Insurance currently has eight staff and is located in downtown Red Deer.  Beyond Insurance is proud to be a community supporter and advocate. Their brokers are insurance experts that live, volunteer and contribute to Red Deer and Central Alberta.

Beyond Insurance is a full-service insurance brokerage and specializes in conducting an in-depth assessment of their clients unique needs to help them develop a gap-free wealth protection plan for both business and personal insurance needs. They are a proud partner of Excel Insurance. For more information about the brokerage, appointments, or quotes go online at  https://beyondinsurance.ca/

DCPD & The New Alberta Auto Reform

What you need to know about DCPD coming January 1 2022.

DCPD & The New Alberta Auto Reform
By Christina Kelley

Here’s what you need to know about DCPD & The New Alberta Auto Reform. Changes are coming to the way claims for vehicle damage are settled in the province, and
Albertans who are not at-fault in a motor vehicle collision will soon be able to turn to their own
insurance companies for help rather than relying on a third party provider.
The new Alberta auto reform takes effect on January 1, 2022, and under the new legislation,
Direct Compensation for Property Damage (DCPD) replaces the existing property damage
portion of the third party liability coverage on your automobile insurance policy.

What is Direct Compensation for Property Damage (DCPD) Insurance?

DCPD is designed to enhance the consumer experience by improving the way insurance
companies are able to support their customers. DCPD is a part of the mandatory automobile
insurance and applies to all private passenger, recreational and commercial vehicles insured in
the province.
Under the new system, Albertans who are considered not at-fault in a motor vehicle accident
are able to seek compensation for damages to their vehicle and vehicle contents, as well as
coverage for loss of use or replacement transportation from their own insurance providers.
This reduces the need for subrogation (and other formalities) between insurers which means
claims will be handled in a more timely and efficient manner.

Beyond Advice: Not all not at-fault collision losses will be covered under DCPD Insurance. Examples
where this is the case include claims arising from a hit & run, collision with an uninsured vehicle, or
accidents involving two vehicles both owned by the same person. In each instance, damage to the
insured vehicle is only covered if Physical Damage (Collision and/or Comprehensive) coverages have been
purchased by the vehicle owner prior to the loss occurring.

What happens if I’m deemed at-fault or partially at-fault in a collision claim?

DCPD Insurance responds to the same extent a driver is found not at-fault in a motor vehicle
collision. This means that insurance providers will be required to cover 100% of the vehicle
damage claim for a driver who is deemed 100% not at-fault for the loss.
Where a driver is found to be at-fault for a collision loss, DCPD will respond to the portion of
the vehicle damage claim equal to the same percentage that driver is considered not at-fault,
and in these cases, optional Collision coverage is required to cover the remainder of the claim.

Take a look at the following claim example:

  • Driver A and Driver B are both involved in the same motor vehicle collision causing
    damage to each of their vehicles.
  • Driver A is found to be 25% at-fault for the loss and Driver B is deemed 75% at-fault.
  • Driver A chose to purchase the optional collision coverage prior to the accident taking
    place. On the other hand, Driver B chose to decline the optional collision coverage.
  • Since Drive A chose to purchase the optional collision coverage, DCPD Insurance will
    respond to cover 75% of the vehicle damage claim. The remainder of the claim (the
    portion equal to the 25% at-fault determination) will be covered under the optional
    collision coverage and subject to a collision deductible.
  • For Driver B who chose to decline the optional collision coverage, DCPD will respond to
    cover 25% of his/her vehicle damage, and the remainder of the claim (equal to the
    percentage at-fault) will be paid out-of-pocket.

Following a collision, your claims adjuster will gather and review every detail of the accident
including police reports, witness statements and consultations with the examiner who assessed
the vehicle(s) for damage. After review, fault will be allocated based on these details and the
DCPD Fault Determination Rules.

How will the new system affect my automobile insurance premiums?

Under the new DCPD system, insurers are no longer responsible for paying for damage to
vehicles they don’t insure. This is the most significant change as it removes uncertainties and
allows insurers to deliver a more precise and accurate pricing model to the consumer with
premiums for DCPD coverage based on the costs associated with repairs to the specific vehicle

Stated simply, Albertans who own inexpensive vehicles will pay less for DCPD coverage than
those who own expensive vehicles with higher repair costs.

To discover how your vehicle compares to others on the road, check out the Insurance Bureau
of Canada’s annual publication: How Cars Measure Up 

Claims made under DCPD will have no adverse affect on premiums.

Beyond Advice: While insurance providers are required to provide DCPD coverage with a $0 deductible,
many insurers have chosen to implement deductible options which can be applied to lower premiums.
When considering deductible options for DCPD coverage, it’s important to keep in mind that the
legislation prevents the policy holder from recovering the deductible from an at-fault driver when a claim
has occurred.

Do I need to contact my agent before these changes take affect?

Albertans are not required to do anything before DCPD takes affect on January 1, 2022. The
legislative changes will be considered automatically written in to all existing Alberta automobile
insurance policies.

For consumers seeking more detailed information, visit:
Alberta Auto Insurance Reform
Direct Compensation for Property Damage


Be sure to reach out if you have any questions. We are your insurance industry partner and we keep on top of changes in the industry. 

Let us help you navigate these changes, we are experts in creating gap-free protection plans and are here to offer guidance in any phase of your decision-making process. 

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