Alberta Driver’s License Changes

As of April 1, 2023 the Government of Alberta has implemented a couple new changes to the Class 5 and 6 GDL program. Eligible drivers will no longer have to take the advanced road test to exit the Graduated Driver Licensing program. This will save each driver $150, which was the cost of the second road test.

To qualify to exit the GDL program, the driver must:

· Be at least 18 years old

· Completed 24 months of probationary driving

This can be reduced an additional 6 months with completion of driver training school licensed by Transportation and Economic Corridors

· Be suspension and demerit free for the last 12 months

All current GDL drivers that are eligible for graduation will receive a letter in July 2023 stating they have now exited the program. Drivers who have a need to exit the program early can speak to a registries agent about their eligibility for graduation. This can be helpful as some jobs require a full Class 5 license and will not accept a GDL.

To compensate for the removal of the advanced road test, the basic road test has been lengthened from 30 minutes to 45 minutes and will include some elements from the advanced test.

All other license and driving restrictions will remain the same on the GDL, such as zero-tolerance drug & alcohol while driving or having the license suspended after 8 demerit points. For more information on these and other license changes, please visit Alberta website

Alberta Government Auto Rate Freeze

The Alberta Government Auto Rate freeze and what it means for your insurance.

On January 25th 2023, the Alberta government announced a rate freeze on auto insurance. What’s the real inside scoop on the insurance rate freeze? And what does this mean for your auto insurance? 

As your local insurance broker, we have some answers for you. Auto insurance has always been regulated in our province and the rate board monitors all requests for rate increases from insurance companies.  

What is a rate freeze?

Previously, when the former provincial government imposed the maximum 5% rate cap on increases it put insurers in a position where automobile policies became extremely unprofitable. Paying out anywhere from $1.25-$1.70 for every $1.00 premium dollar collected. Certainly, insurers are in a position to absorb some of this but over a period of 3 years, the insurance companies began to implement aggressive underwriting strategies, limiting payment plans, collision coverage, and other features that the majority of drivers rely upon.  

This time around, there will be no future rate increases approved, so only previously approved rate increases for 2023 will be implemented. 

Read our past blog in response to the Auto Insurance Rate Increase (when the freeze was lifted in 2019).

What do the industry experts say?

The Insurance Broker Association of Alberta comments, “If insurers are not able to collect enough premium to pay claims, we will be facing an unstable market environment if this carries on long term. The insurers that support Alberta will be forced to take drastic action in order to sustain the current system and continue to support consumers. 

Much like during Alberta’s last provincial rate caps from 2017 to 2019, consumers may face limited options in the marketplace. During the most recent cap, insurance companies were forced to make difficult business decisions of which the effects are still being felt today. A hard freeze on rates will have an even more detrimental impact on consumers.” 

The finance minister of Alberta did clarify that insurance companies need to continue to offer physical damage {Optional Section C} insurance for policyholders who require the coverage to protect lienholders and financing company interests in their vehicles. There is also clarification around limiting payment plans for clients, which was a practice put in place by some insurers in response to the rate freeze – essentially halting new business applications for automobile insurance. 

What does this mean for you?

There are a lot of reasons for the unprofitable atmosphere, but in general terms, claims are costing way more than they ever have with new technology in vehicles, a more litigious community, and higher medical costs. It is a classic example of government engaging in an industry without a full understanding of the unintended consequences, that ultimately get passed along to consumers in the market.  

Recent Data also indicates that Alberta has suffered nearly 60% of all catastrophic losses in Canada in the past few years, and this frequency and severity has certainly impacted sustainable environments for the insurance companies providing coverage across the country. 

Just as in 2019, we will see the freeze expire and larger rate increases will likely be approved by the rate board. This will certainly impact most policy holders and lines of business. In general, the freeze will ultimately hurt the industry, consumers, and competition.  

What are we doing for you?

In a tough insurance market, we are proactive, prepared, and capable to offer competitive insurance solutions for your family and business. If you are a current Beyond client, you have already been benefiting from our proactive approach to insurance renewals. Each renewal is personally reviewed and we take great care in making sure your coverages and policy information is up to date and that your rates are competitive. We actively go to market for you when a policy has a large increase on renewal, and share the market results of numerous insurers. As we navigate the changing insurance marketplace together, you can rest assured our team is working diligently to provide the service you deserve for your insurance needs.  

Have a question?

Get in touch with us any time over social media. You can also email or call your broker directly with any questions you have.

Mamas for Mamas is Charity of Choice

Mamas for Mamas is charity of choice for local insurance brokerage, Beyond Insurance.

Beyond Insurance selects Mamas for Mamas as Charity of Choice and commits to 6 months of giving.

From now until July 1 2023, Beyond Insurance has chosen Mamas for Mamas Red Deer as its charity of choice.

“We’ve chosen to support this organization because it has strong local, community ties,” says COO Andrea Cassidy. “The Mamas branch in Red Deer aligns with our values of generosity, connection, respect and wellness.”

“As the branch has grows, they are striving for continuous improvement in their services and processes. I’ve been able to have an in-depth look at this organization as I’ve been volunteering with them since July 2022,” says Cassidy.

Beyond Insurance looks for organizations and charities that align with their core values of Wellness, Respect, Generosity, Continuous Improvement and Connection.

“As an organization, Mamas for Mamas is generous in providing a free Karma market to mamas and families in need (families can come and “shop” for items like diapers, wipes, clothing for free). They host coffee community hours for mamas to be able to connect with each other and support each other. They are looking into mental health and wellness services for the mamas they support, and they have shown to be respectful in their interaction with mamas as well as calling for respect among mamas (particularly in their Facebook forum). They are welcoming to all and are LGBTQ2s+ friendly.”

Beyond Insurance commits to supporting the charity over the new few months through volunteering, supporting fundraisers, donating needed Karma market items, and donating silent auction items.

Be sure to check out their social media to stay up to date on their upcoming annual fundraiser in April.

FAQ: I’ve never had a claim

FAQ: I’ve never had a claim, how does this work? 

Claims can be stressful, and we understand it can be a confusing time if you’ve never gone through the process of having a claim. Claims are notoriously a huge pain point for insurance clients, and we’ve identified that our industry standard for assisting clients with claims is quite embarrassing. At Beyond Insurance, we have carefully crafted a full-service claims experience process. Our team is highly skilled and trained on how to walk you through the claims process. With your dedicated broker, you can expect our boutique level service from start to finish. Here’s a quick look at what the basic claims process can look like.

Notifying your insurance broker, and subsequently the insurance company is the first step. From there, and adjuster will be handling the claim to ensure the cause of loss fall within the policy coverage, and will be coordinating the emergency, and subsequent repairs with you, the client.

Your deductible is generally collected directly by the contractors who assist you, and you may be given opportunities to cash settle certain components of the claim, if that is your preference. 

We always recommend discussing a claims submission with your broker first. We can provide advice and expertise on your policy and guide you through what to expect.


Beyond Insurance Company Values

Living our values is the first step to ensure our company grows in the intended direction. These values form the basis of our decision-making criteria as owners, partners, employees, industry leaders, and community members.


We engage in all interactions from a place of respect. We respect our clients for the opportunity to do business. We respect our carriers for their trust in our firm, and we respect our individual team members for their commitment. Our success is built upon the value of respect, and in challenging moments we can rely on this value to be a guiding principle in our decision making.

Continuous Improvement

We hold ourselves accountable and encourage each other to pursue improvement. We engage in practices that encourage staff development, measurable processes and OKRs, and are continually looking for ways in which to be more efficient for our clients, staff, and insurance partners.


We value the ability to give back to our community, and as such generosity is a core value of our business. When we explore internal or external opportunities and make decisions as a company, we take into consideration the impact on staff and consider their individual career opportunities. The effect our decisions have on our connections, and the balance required by our business to take advantage of an opportunity, or to achieve a goal.


Our company understands the pressure of providing a high level of service, and the consistency required to remain successful. The balancing of individual and corporate goals, requires a high level of commitment from our staff, partners, and leadership team; and as such wellness is a core value of our business. We provide opportunity and encourage our team to engage in activities that support their families, mental and physical health, and treat individuals with empathy in these pursuits.


We pursue meaningful connection throughout the course of our work. It is important for us to continuously connect with our community, our clients, insurance partners, and each other. We foster an environment where connection provides opportunities for learning, spontaneity, and fun. We use our connections to bring positivity to the forefront and build excitement.

Beyond Insurance Mission and Vision

As a fast growing brokerage in Central Alberta, we are committed to continuous improvement. Within this, we have established our company’s guiding principles. The Beyond Insurance Mission and Vision.

Our Mission

What our pursuit of excellence looks like.

  • We will provide exceptional service to our clients
  • We will provide equity and growth opportunities to our staff
  • We will generously support the communities in which we work

Our Vision

What drives us

  • Beyond Insurance is to be Western Canada’s premier, independently owned, boutique insurance brokerage


“The riskiest thing we can do, is just maintain the status quo.” – Bob Iger


Outpacing the Competition

Beyond Insurance named Global Best in 2022 Fast Brokerages by Insurance Business Canada

Beyond Insurance continues to outpace the competition and provide exceptional client service while growing above and beyond the industry standard. Our brokerage is recognized in the industry as a GLOBAL BEST in growth in 2022.

“At the end of the day, the insurance business is all about growth – increasing the revenue of companies and, ultimately, enhancing their resources to better meet the needs of their clients and employees.” – Insurance Business Canada

“Despite two years of challenges, the Fast Brokerages on Insurance Business Canada’s list maintained great momentum, achieving an average revenue growth of 20% or more in 2020 and 2021. Their noteworthy achievements present an even more bullish outlook for the near future. ”

We attribute this impressive growth to our amazing team and staff that continue to deliver exceptional service to our clients. At Beyond Insurance, we hold ourselves accountable and encourage each other to pursue improvement. We engage in practices that encourage staff development, measurable processes and OKRs, and are continually looking for ways in which to be more efficient for our clients, staff, and insurance partners.

fastest growing brokerage

Aviation Insurance

What you can expect from Beyond Insurance.

You care about risk management and protecting your assets before taking to the skies. You’re looking for a broker who has a genuine interest in your unique aviation insurance needs.


We provide you with peace of mind through our robust solutions related to aircraft coverage:

  • Hull physical damage
  • Third party liability
  • Passenger & crew medical
  • Non-owned cargo & contents
  • Hanger & adjacent land exposures
  • Trip interruption
  • Emergency expenses & loss of use
  • Spare parts

We collaborate with experienced underwriters who can assist beyond core coverages and take into consideration additional factors such as pilot experience and training programs.
We build a relationship with you and provide a holistic approach to your risk management – and including aircraft liability is an important part of what makes us a preferred partner.

Protection with Purpose. We offer insurance for ambitious businesses and people with complex insurance needs.

Insurance for Chamber of Commerce Members


We are proud to partner with the Red Deer Chamber of Commerce and offer Small Business Insurance solutions.
We have industry-specific insurance solutions for all types of businesses.
A few examples include Accountants, Beauty Services, Yoga Instructors, Contractors, Consultants, Mobile vendors, Pet Grooming, CGL, and more!
We care that your assets are covered because no one wants to start over if something unexpected happens.
Beyond Insurance is here to help. We offer our expertise for all of your insurance needs. We walk you through what you need or what to ask for and we always have your best interest in mind. Let’s build a relationship and take away any worry or anxiety when it comes to your insurance coverage.
What can you expect from Beyond?
*Cost savings through portfolio management
*Clear, open communication and education around your insurance, your deductibles, and your coverage
*A full audit of your current risk exposures, followed by our expert recommendations on optimizing coverage, discounts, and products
Visit our Small Business Insurance portal for more information:

Small Business Insurance Solutions

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, you care about your employees, your business, and growing your business.
Beyond Insurance asks the right questions, understands your needs, and doesn’t make mistakes. When it comes to your insurance needs, it’s important that you are able to trust your provider and we offer the assurance that your assets are fully covered. We don’t just send you a bill every year; we are your partner in your insurance and risk management.
Find out more on our Small Business Insurance portal:
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